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Postpartum Care

At an hourly rate I provide postpartum care to families whom I have supported previously, or those that I have yet to meet. This type of support can look many ways, including completion of household tasks, providing information on newborn care or breastfeeding tips, sleep/night time support, baby wearing techniques, etc.


$40/hr - 2hr min



This is a great gift idea for any new family!

Placenta Processing

I will pick up your placenta within 24 hrs of delivery, and have it processed by the end of the following day. This entails removing the umbilical cord, stripping the membranes, and evenly portioning the placenta into small 'chunks' to be used in smoothies (or other desired forms). I will deliver the finished product frozen, and include two placenta smoothie recipes from, The First Forty Days, The Essential Art of Nourishing the New Mother, by Heng Ou (a highly recommended read!)

*This service is offered to all of my Birth Package Clients with no additional charge


Can help regulate hormones, relieve anxiety, support milk production,

and much more!

Contact Me for Placenta Processing

EC Workshop

In a brief workshop, I can set you up for potty training success with the art of Elimination Communication. Save money and waste, enhance bond with babe, and get potty training out of the way early.

I will help you identify the cues, get comfortable with the elimination positioning (depending on size of baby) and discuss the many techniques and various stages that go along with the practice. To support the learning, I will also leave you with some quality resources to lean on.





No more poopy diapers within months!

Contact Me for EC Workshop
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