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Prenatal Education

Building Confidence & Community

Private Prenatal Sessions

Pregnancy - Parenthood in the Comfort of Your Home

These sessions are designed to bring the content of the Prenatal Prep Series (see description below) to your door step.

As life continues to get busier and busier, fitting pre-determined dates and times into one's schedule has proven to be quite challenging. With this prenatal education option there is plenty of flexibility. Together we will find the perfect time and day to meet and cover the same material as the group sessions, but in a much more intimate setting.

3 sessions
1.5 - 2hrs/session



To discuss scheduling options contact me via

Handouts provided

Access to doula library 

$100 off any doula package

Prenatal Prep

2 day series

Pregnancy - Parenthood

This series is designed to prepare both mamas and partners for the wonders of childbirth.

 Topics include: the stages of labour, natural coping techniques, induction, medical pain relief, birth partner's role, what a doula offers, cesarean delivery, welcoming baby, breastfeeding, life with a newborn, and more.

Knowledge and skills will be acquired to support a confident and positive birthing experience. The group setting will allow participants to connect with other new families and begin building a network for themselves, as well as their babies.

Sat., March 18                  Sun., March 19

                      1pm - 5pm                                              2pm - 4pm

@ Madhu Collective

2070 Washingtons St., Rossland




To register contact me via


Register w/

Cost includes birth partner

Handouts provided

Access to doula library

$100 off any doula package

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