Parents Recommend

Jade Watson

Jess was a true guiding light for me in what felt like the darkest night of my life. It was my first birth and my partner and I both felt like fish out of water. We were in the hospital and as much as we prepared, there was nothing that could have prepared us for that experience. Jess guided me through every single contraction that night and to say she helped me through is an understatement. She kept my head above water; stopping me from panicking and drowning (no joke). Her presence was grounded and steady; something familiar and comforting in a place where I felt scared and unsure. When I started to panic, she brought me back to the moment and acted like a grounding rod. I can't stress enough what an amazing doula she is. She offered so much support after the birth as well, coming over and answering ALL my questions. I highly recommend her as your doula. She is so committed to this work and it shows.

Maria Robins

Jess was the doula at the birth of my first child Luca who was born at home. Her presence throughout the duration of my labour grounded me. Her steady care and natural ability to attune herself to my needs made her an anchor for my experience as a young woman birthing naively through this wild ride! I knew I could trust her. I knew I could count on her. I knew that I was completely held in her loving and attentive presence. What a gift it was to meet her here! To have this beautiful woman see me and care for me so deeply in this sacred space. 
Jess's heart is embodied in this work, which enables her to fully surrender to the needs of a birthing woman, and be there without bound. Thankfully, she continuous to provide her loving assistance to many birthing families out there who are so grateful to have her care.

Rochelle Christensen

A huge shoutout to Jess at ConsciousNest Doula Care! With all of the “firsts” we’ve experienced over the last 9 months, it was a welcome relief to have Jess' support and encourage us throughout our entire journey. Our working relationship quickly developed into a friendship, which then seemed to transform into a joining of spirits while I laboured. Jess was so intuitive, knowing exactly what I (or Jeremy) needed at precisely the right moment. Through all the highs and lows, at all hours of the day and night, both at home and in the hospital, Jess was calm, focused and entirely in her element. So much so that doctors and nurses were referring her services on the spot! It was an incredibly positive experience and we are beyond grateful.

Diana Draper

We hired Jessica as our doula for our first full-term pregnancy. I could not have anticipated how amazing and critical she was for us! I ended up in labor 4 weeks early. Jessica came to the hospital and stayed with us while I labored close to 24 hours and helped us make decisions with supportive, helpful insight and feedback throughout the process. She waited until I was out of surgery (cesarean section) and celebrated with us at the birth of our baby. She also took my placenta home to process so I could take it during my recovery. Postpartum Jessica has been the third adult to our family. She has come to the hospital to deliver things we needed, she has sat in a chair and watched our baby for us while we got some sleep. She has been instrumental in our overall success transitioning into parenthood. I cannot say enough about the value of Jessica and her services, skills and support. We quickly learned that every baby needs three adults to care for it during its first few weeks of life, and we are so happy that our third adult was Jessica!

Kristy Blomquist

As new parents we weren't sure what to expect and what questions to ask. Jess's calm demeanor and thorough knowledge helped us to be fully prepared for the birth experience that we wanted and help guide us through the transition of life at home. I highly recommend. Thanks so much Jess, I am so glad we found you!!


Amelia Cummins

Jess is an incredibly compassionate and caring individual. She offered postpartum doula care to my son and I. We were so grateful for her support during the difficult first weeks after childbirth and the dreaded first week alone after my partner returned to work. She is so knowledgeable about her field and offered expertise about healing physically and emotionally.

Thank you Jess

Amber Gould

A huge thank-you to Jess for everything she has done for me and my little family.  I highly recommend her services.  She is knowledgeable, has amazing positive energy, and it was an absolute joy to have her at the birth of my little boy.The support she gave helped me get through PPD and a lot of anxiety over giving birth.  Through out the labor she talked me through and helped me change focus which In turn made my birth better than I could have ever expected.

Danica Burwash

I was so happy to have Jess as a doula at our recent homebirth. I loved meeting with her before the birth to talk about our plans and hopes - it was a great way for me to prepare mentally. She was a calming and encouraging force during labour and was able to step in whenever my partner had to step away. This was my second birth, my first with a doula, and I couldn't be happier with my decision to have her with us! I also loved to visit with her post birth to debrief and reflect. Thanks Jess!